Pet Licensing

A Friendly Reminder to please have your pets licensed. This is the best way to ensure pets get home if they happen to run away. The cost of licensing helps to ensure that when lost animals are found, they can be housed until the owner reclaims them. Issued licenses are valid for the lifetime of your pet.

More information:

Cat and Dog Bylaw (2023-08)

Apply for an Animal License.

Download the Cat License Application or the Dog License Application and email it to along with payment details.

Main Fees (per Animal):

Dog/Cat (Spayed/Neutered): $30.00
*Certification from a veterinarian must be provided*

Dog (Non-Spayed/Neutered): $60.00
Cat (Non-Spayed/Neutered): $100.00

Replacement Tags: $10.00
*Proof of original purchase is required*

Applications can also be found at the Town Office. All applications and fees are to be forwarded to the front desk at the Town Office.

Please contact Peace Officer Leggio if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above information: 780.999.7181 or

To report an animal at large please contact Officer Leggio at 780.999.7181

The town of Calmar welcomes Qualified Service and Guide Dogs into all of its Buildings. Service dogs help people with specific tasks relating to visible and non-visible disabilities, such as epilepsy, PTSD, diabetes or mobility limitations. Guide dogs, however, are specifically trained to assist people who are blind or visually impaired. Both guide dogs and qualified service dogs have been trained and tested to ensure safety in public. By law, qualified service dog teams have the right to access any location where the public is allowed.