Calmar Summer Getaway

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Calmar Summer Getaway Camp Ages 6-13

  • July 4-7 *SHORT WEEK* (July 3rd Holiday) $80.00

    July 10-14 $100.00

    July 17-21 $100.00

    July 24-28 $100.00

    July 31-Aug 4 $100.00

  • Aug 8-11 *SHORT WEEK* (August 7th Holiday) $80.00

    Aug 14-18 $100.00

    August 18,19,20 *Calmar Days*

    Aug 21-25 $100.00

Camp begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm. Early drop off begins at 8:30am and late pick up until 4:30pm. 

Registered participants, no drop ins due to activities and ratios.