On the face of it, small town Calmar is slower and simpler, with a population of 2,300 and a soft and sweet reputation built upon cultural heritage and best-in-show floral arrangements…But there’s room here out in the wide open for action and adventure; for business potential; for community revitalization and enhancement; for innovation; and for personal and professional growth and expansion. There’s value here in Calmar, where you are given free-range to not only be, but to be better.

Ideally located in the County of Leduc #25, Calmar is the perfect place to stay put and see the world in the hands, the faces, and the stories of those who are looking to keep it calm and simple and slow their role, even as they get busy living life for all it’s worth. Be moved by deeper possibilities and invest in a life well-lived. From bustling main street to dusty back road, from lake dive to combine climb, from sunrise to sunset, from face to face, flower petal to petal, and from full out to full stop, this is the town of Calmar — a thriving local scene of endless possibility where Adventure Awaits, Grit Happens, and Happiness Blooms.

Calmar is small town living for all it’s worth—a better place of raw opportunity better placed within the heartland of Alberta’s agriculture and oil field industries; gratefully out of touch with a grinding shoulder-to-shoulder and bumper-to-bumper existence while just minutes from big lake recreation, including swimming, fishing, boating, camping and snowmobiling, at both Wizard Lake and Pigeon Lake, and the even bigger city amenities and attractions of Leduc and Edmonton.

Pretty and straight-forward down the highway and by the numbers, the town of Calmar is better placed within the greater Edmonton and Leduc regions to safely, securely and responsibly raise your growing family. Whether taking a stroll down historic Main Street with its stunning murals and award-winning floral displays, stopping for a picnic in Woodland Park, or enjoying the area’s beautiful walking trails, stay put and afford yourself a little breathing room among kindred spirits who truly see, understand and appreciate your desire to keep it real and simple and more meaningful. From low housing, business, and living costs to exceptional health, recreation and educational experiences far removed from the daily bump and grind of the big city, yet easily within reach of essential amenities and attractions, this is all natural, wholesome small town life for all it’s worth.
The town of Calmar offers residents a growing assortment of local amenities, including an elementary and secondary school, a public library and seniors’ housing. The town is served by its own Fire & Rescue department, and excellent health, dental and chiropractic care are available at the town clinics. Residents keep active with local recreation clubs and sports venues including a community arena complete with a curling rink.
As part of the Capital Region, Calmar is just a short drive from the Edmonton International Airport, from major highway transportation corridors, including Provincial Highway #39 as its main street, and the QEII connecting Alberta’s major centres, and from the south and west sides of the City of Edmonton; offering easy access to fantastic shopping, dining, recreation, and the West Edmonton Mall — the largest shopping mall in North America. The “Festival City” of Edmonton also offers world renowned arts, theatre, sports and entertainment, and premier research and education centres, including the University of Alberta.
The town of Calmar is all natural small town Alberta, but much more than that, it’s breathing room for farming and agriculture enterprises going with the grain, O&G and heavy industry operations going with the flow, remote workers going with the times, and for innovative entrepreneurs and small business owners going the distance to gain home advantage.

Calmar isn’t just for seniors slowing down, but for the adventurous speeding up, for parents determined to safely and responsibly raise their growing family, and for the impressionable young who could truly stand to raise their life and experience a reality unplugged.

Tour our stunning showhomes in one of Calmar’s new development communities or build your dream home on a country residential acreage. Go easy and get busy living in Calmar — a better place of raw business opportunity and best-in-region affordable land and housing costs better placed within the heartland of Alberta’s agriculture and oil field industries.

From country-spun home-based business to bustling, eclectic main street shop or aspiring global enterprise, the town of Calmar is the real deal. With Provincial Highway 39 as its Main Street, Calmar offers local merchants high visibility to thousands of motorists daily, while its proximity to major transportation routes, including the province’s influential Highway 2 corridor, offers tremendous opportunity for commercial and industrial growth. Straight-forward in its declaration of best-in-region business and operating costs, and with over 80 acres of industrial land available for sale or lease, Calmar is the ideal place to grow your interests.


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