From Pioneers and Progress Calmar and District 1st edition:

An excerpt from the introduction:

“Today Calmar’s marked by new houses, small businesses, churches, schools and community centre. Often lost in the bustle and pace of the 80’s is the story of hardships and joys of the pioneers – people who built our town and gave us our heritage. In this book we have tried to capture some of the stories and record some of the past”.

You are invited to continue learning about Calmar’s history by visiting the Calmar Public Library to read the Pioneers and Progress Calmar and District 1st Edition Book.

You may also find the article, “How Did Calmar Come to Be?” an interesting recap of Calmar’s early settlers and name. Read the article.

Another great resource of information from community members can be reviewed by joining the Historic Calmar, Alberta group on Facebook.


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