Alberta Urban Municipalities Association(AUMA) has developed the “Community Readiness for Newcomer Integration” (CRNI) program to assist municipal governments to evaluate the readiness of their community or region to support the successful settlement and integration of immigrant newcomers and to implement an action plan to improve any barriers.

Calmar has been chosen to participate in the AUMA’s CRNI in partnership with Calgary Catholic Immigration Services (CCIS). The CCIS is a nationally recognized leader in newcomer support and servicing. We want to understand how best to ensure sustainability and inclusivity in alignment with our vision of Calmar as a welcoming community.

This is the perfect time to connect.

Looking at the work that has been done through the creation of a Recreation Master Plan, a Community Vitalization plan that examined economic opportunities on our Main Street, and through long term strategic planning, what stands out is the importance of community building.

The town of Calmar has taken important steps to grow and foster a community through reflection and meaningful engagement. Now is the time to take one step further in building a welcoming community for all newcomers.

Be a part of the conversation:

Watch the town of Calmar’s Facebook page and website for public engagement opportunities.
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