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Community Bulletin

Attention Residents

At the January 15th, 2024 Council meeting, Council adopted a new Rates & Fees bylaw (Bylaw #2023-29) which includes an increase to the utility rates that the Town charges bi-monthly.  Most notable are:

  • The Water & Sewer Infrastructure fee of $16.25 has increased to $17.00
  • The flat rate for water (the first 10.88 m3) has all been brought to the same fee of $93.00
  • The fee for water consumption over the minimum has increased $0.04

For our bulk water customers, there has also been an increase in rates.  Commercial and industrial customers will now pay $5.20/m3 and agricultural customers will pay $3.10/m3.

Off Leash Dog Park

As the dog park was completed close to the end of summer last year it did not get a lot of use, with spring now upon us there have been more users, therefore more feed back is coming in. It appears that there are areas where smaller dogs can get underneath, we will be looking at lowering the mesh in these areas. The second bit of feedback was to possibly put a second small area inside the entrance gate, this would prevent dogs which are in the park from escaping while  new people are coming in with their dog. Other than this we have not heard too many concerns; I would just like to remind dog owners that they are responsible to keep an eye on their pet and please clean up after your pet. Doggy poo bags are provided on site, washrooms will be brought to the site shortly. We hope everyone enjoys the park with their pets.

2023 Construction

Just to give everyone a heads up the Town has a couple capital projects which are proposed to take place this construction season, the first will affect residents living and travelling on 51 street, and 51 Ave. Construction will take place from the 4 way stop on 50 street, south-west of the High School around the curve at the seniors housing units and end up by 50 Ave by Burger Bar. Work in this area will include a total replacement of the Sanitary Sewer line, + paving.  The work is necessary as the sanitary line has been in service for close to probably 40 years and has reached the end of its life cycle. The second proposed area of Town is the west end of 47 Ave. The proposed work will include the replacement of the sanitary line from 51 street to approximately half way to 50 street. This line has developed some sags and because of it being shallow causes freezing in the winter time causing back ups for residents.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience and cooperation during construction as we realize construction in front of residents is always somewhat of an inconvenience.