Family and Community Support Services at the TOWN OF CALMAR

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a Municipal/Provincial cost-shared program that provides information regarding social and emotional supports that are available to residents of Calmar.

Through FCSS, many services, activities and programs are made available. These services are provided with the intention of promoting and enhancing family and community life. Volunteerism and prevention are emphasized, and FCSS helps the community help itself. Services and programs are varied, depending on the need.

Information and referrals play an important role for FCSS. Anyone who requires information, referrals or support on social, community or personal issues, may contact the FCSS office. Although counselling is not available through our local office, the FCSS Coordinator can provide information and assistance with obtaining counselling. Confidentiality is protected.

If you or your family is facing an emergency situation, call 911

The town of Calmar adheres to the understandings that:

· Local people can influence things that affect them

· Communities can be innovative and creative

· When citizen participation, self-help and volunteerism are encouraged, human growth and potential are enhanced

information & referrals

In collaboration with Leduc County, the town of Calmar is able to provide referral services for several programs currently being offered.

Family Resource Network (FRN)

Financial Supports and Services

  • Counselling Subsidy
  • Housekeeping Subsidy
  • Seniors Property Tax Deferral program
  • Financial Education and Debt Help

Adults and Seniors Support Services

Health and Wellness

For more information, contact Heather, FCSS Coordinator to make your appointment 780.985.3604 Ext. 233.

If you or your family is facing an emergency situation, call 911


FCSS appointment days are typically Mondays and Fridays, however exceptions can be made, if needed.

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