town of Calmar

Ride-a-long Program

Good day all!

Calmar Enforcement has completed their Ride-A-Long program for those who wish to see what the job entails.  Please find below the steps required to sign up for your Ride-A-Long.


Fill out questionnaire and return it to the Town Office at 4901 – 50 Avenue or email it to Sylvain at


Wait to receive your confirmation over the phone of your requested date and time.


Arrive ½ (one half) hour prior to the start time of your scheduled Ride-A-Long shift to 4901 – 50 Avenue.


Sign your liability waiver form.

Please note:

  • Prior to the start of your Ride-A-Long shift, instructions will be given on proper protocol and expectations during your shift.
  • Please thoroughly read and ask any question related to your questionnaire, and waiver form, that you may have concerns with.
  • No food, snacks, or climate related clothing/footwear are supplied.
  • The Ride-A-Long may be cancelled or end due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • CAO always has the right to refuse any Ride-A-Long request for any reason they see fit.

The intent of this program is to allow residents of all ages the opportunity to get to know the role of a Peace Officer within the town of Calmar.