Whether you’re a local business, a visionary entrepreneur, or a dedicated professional, Calmar is eager to engage with you. The intention of this page is to provide a curated list of opportunities, each representing a chance to make a positive impact on Calmar. Whether it’s a construction project, a service contract, or a development initiative, we invite you to explore and respond to these RFPs. If you would like to review a particular RFP, or if you have a question, please contact the municipal town office at Phone: 780.985.3604 or email info@calmar.ca

This is an example of an RFP description:

Click to open “town of Calmar Arena Concession RFP” – PDF document

Submission deadline is at 12pm on Tuesday, September 12th 2023

The town of Calmar is inviting proposals from individuals, groups, organizations, and / or businesses for the operation of the Mike Karbonik Arena Concession Stand. The Town is seeking and will select an operator that best demonstrates the ability to provide affordable, safe, and reliable services to the residents of the town of Calmar, visitors, and users of the Mike Karbonik Arena.

The Season begins mid September 2023, once the ice is “in” through to the end of the season, March 31,
2024. The arena schedule is full every evening (5:00 pm – 9:00 pm), Monday through Friday and all-day Saturday and Sunday. The details of the concession area can be found in Appendix A in the file attached.

This is a Request for Proposal only and not a tendering process. Proposals received after the closing time will not be accepted. The town of Calmar reserves the right to waive information in any proposal, reject any or all proposals or accept the proposal deemed most favorable in its interest.