Business Matters

Seeking investors in a community on the rise.

Your investment is important to us as we work to implement an ambitious community development vision:

Home is where the heart is in Calmar – as the Edmonton region’s most affordable community. Connected to the earth in what we sow and grow. Connected to the neighbours you know. Pursuing an energized downtown, imaginative new housing options, and new types of spaces and places for entrepreneurs to grow their craft.

The Opportunity

Calmar is a growing community of 2300 people, with affordable small town living in the heart of Alberta’s agriculture and oil field industries. Growing communities our size naturally start to add proportionately more local retail and services activity. We are working to expand industrial land supply. We have a gigabit broadband initiative underway that will see fibre connection to all premises. Industry investment opportunities include regional industrial services, agrifood manufacturing, and agriculture services. We are in the process of making some adjustments to more deeply enable further housing choice – which will create more flexibility and market fit for land developers and builders. We have new community direction, economic development, downtown, and recreation plans to support and enable community growth and vibrancy.


We have two programs to help grease the wheels of your business model in Calmar. Combined, these provide an approximate 2% boost to return on investment in early phase investment when every dollar counts.

1) Tax Deferral

Ability to defer property taxes penalty free for up to 2 years for each of land developer with a subdivision application, and land purchaser/builder. Applies to individuals, developers, builders, investors, corporations, and industrial developers.

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