Support Local in Calmar

Calmar is a close-knit community with a thriving local business scene. Our local businesses have always been an essential part of our community, supporting our sports teams, cultural events, and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere that makes Calmar special. Now, it’s our turn to support them. Here are ten ways you can show your support for local businesses in Calmar:

  1. Shop Local Online: If you prefer not to shop in-person, consider utilizing curbside pickup and explore the option to shop online from our local stores.
  2. Share Acts of Kindness: Spread some local love by surprising your friends and neighbors with thoughtful gifts like gift cards or special treats, delivered to their door.
  3. Purchase Gift Cards: If you’re postponing personal services, consider purchasing gift cards from local businesses to use at a later date, providing them with immediate support.
  4. Leave Positive Reviews: Show your appreciation for your favorite local businesses by leaving positive reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, or social media. Your kind words can make a big difference.
  5. Support Local Artisans: Discover unique gifts by connecting with local art societies and purchasing artwork from talented local artists.
  6. Support Charities: Remember that charities are also vital businesses within our community. Continue to support them through donations or volunteer your time and expertise.
  7. Reschedule Events: Instead of canceling upcoming celebrations or events, consider rescheduling them. This way, you can still support local event venues and services.
  8. Buy Goods: If certain services are unavailable, explore other ways to support local businesses by purchasing their products or merchandise.
  9. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on social media to see if you can buy something made locally. Many local entrepreneurs are active on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  10. Prioritize Community Health: In these times, the health and safety of our community are paramount. If you’re feeling unwell, please stay home to protect yourself and others.

When you support local, you’re not just buying products or services; you’re investing in the people, businesses, and the future of Calmar. Let’s stand together to keep our community thriving by supporting local businesses. #SupportLocalCalmar #CalmarCommunityStrong


Beyond shopping local, another impactful way to contribute to our vibrant community is through sponsorship. By sponsoring our various facilities and events, businesses and residents can directly contribute to the growth and success of our community while gaining valuable exposure and recognition.

Please view all of sponsorship opportunities by downloading the following file:

LevelsDollar AmountBest Bang for the Buck
ConferencesSummits or Trade Shows or Business Events or Workshops or Sports Training Events, etc.
Title$5000Below + Up to 10 free tickets / Opportunity to speak at the event
Featured$3000Below + banner near the stage / reserved seating
Collaborator$2000Below + 2 additional free tickets / advertising at the tables
Contributor$1000Below + logo on signage at the event / logo on powerpoint between speakers
Partner (In-Kind / or) $5002 Free Tickets/logo on marketing material / pop up banner at the event
Town Wide EventsCalmar Days or Canada Day or Sports Tournament, etc.
Fun$7500Below + Preferred VIP seating at the parade / Honorary Parade Marshall / Opportunity to Speak at the Event
Amusement$5000Below + Free tickets to the Cabaret / Reserved seating at the games / Priority Spaces for Sponsor banners
Excitement$2500Below + Free swag Bag from the Town of Calmar / Banner placement / Logo on Sponsor sign at the event
Smiles (In-Kind / or)$1500Free Entrance in parade / logo on marketing material / pop up banner at the event
Smaller EventsChristmas in the Park or First Night, etc.
Gold$2500Below + reserved seating for 6 in the events VIP area.
Silver$1000Below + Free swag Bag (mug for hot chocolate, etc)
Bronze In-Kind / or)$500Logo on marketing material / Logo on Sponsor sign at the event
Individual EventsPancake Breakfasts
All year$4000Farmers Day, Canada Day, and Calmar Days
Individual$1000One of the above town events only
Facility Naming
Arena$10000Lump sum or $10,000.00 per year. First right of refusal at the end of the contract - min. 5 years recommended
Dressing Room (1 of4)$750Lump sum or $750.00 per year. First right of refusal at the end of the contract - min. 5 years recommended
Zamboni House$1500Lump sum or $1,500.00 per year. First right of refusal at the end of the contract - min. 5 years recommended
Program Centre$5000Lump sum or $5,000.00 per year. First right of refusal at the end of the contract - min. 5 years recommended
Ball Diamonds Recreation Area$5000Lump sum or $5,000.00 per year. First right of refusal at the end of the contract - min. 5 years recommended
Parks Improvement
Friends of the Park (1 of 5) (Centre Park, Tot Lot Playground, Westview Park, Woodland Park, Engberg Park)$1000Lump sum or $1000.00 per year. For money towards upgrades to the parks, re-painting lines on the courts, beautification - Sponsor gets a plaque to keep and a name plate on the entrance to the park. An individual can be the lone friend of the park or a group or business can be the friend of the park. Council retains the control on what is done at the parks (ex: changing the BB court into a tennis court). First right of refusal at the end of the contract.
Ball Diamond Advertising
On the Fence (2' x 3')$200Per year + Cost of the banner - The Town will install banners at the beginning of the ball season and remove the banners for storage at the end of the season to avoid winter weathering.
On the Fence (2' x 6')$400Per year + Cost of the banner - The Town will install banners at the beginning of the ball season and remove the banners for storage at the end of the season to avoid winter weathering.
Experiential CampaignsBusiness gives away swag during the game breaks at a tournament (T-shirts shot out of a tube, Coupons, etc.)
Arena Advertising
1/2 board (4' x 2.63') Decal$300Per year + Cost of the sign
Full Board (8' x 2.63') Decal$500Per year + Cost of the sign ($400.00 per year with 5 year contract)
Wall Space - Large (4 x 8')$700Per year + Cost of the sign
Wall Space - Medium (2' x 6')$500Per year + Cost of the sign
Snap Poster (11" x 17")$50Per Week + Cost of the Poster
Digital DisplaysPlease contact us
Zamboni Wrap (One side) (2' x 6')$350Per year + Cost of the wrap or decal
Zamboni Wrap (Both sides)Please contact usTOC and Leduc County are on one side of the Zamboni currently
Arena Mega Banners (4' x 12' )$1000Per year + Cost of the banner For the west wall above the boards.
Door Wraps$1000Per year + Cost of the wrap Barn entrance (both swinging doors)
Door Wraps$500Per year + Cost of the wrap Per Dressing Room
Door Wraps$500Per year + Cost of the wrap Bathroom Outer Doors
Floor Decals Please contact usPer year + Cost of the decal To go along with the Town and County decals already there.
Plexi Glass Decals$50Tournament specific advertising. Per decal, at the one event + cost of the decal.
Experiential Campaigns$100Business gives away swag during the ice cleaning at a tournament (T-shirts, Coupons, etc.) per event + cost of promo items.
Discretionary Events / AdvertisingTBD by CouncilAny event or advertising idea that does not fall under the above categories can be brought to Council for approval.

Why Sponsor?

  • Community Engagement: Demonstrate your commitment to our community by supporting local initiatives that bring people together and foster a sense of belonging.

  • Brand Visibility: Gain visibility and exposure for your brand through signage, mentions in promotional materials, and acknowledgment at events, reaching a wide audience of potential customers.

  • Positive Impact: Make a tangible difference by investing in the development and maintenance of essential community facilities and the organization of events that enrich the lives of residents.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Event Sponsorship: Associate your brand with exciting community events such as festivals, fundraisers, sports tournaments, and cultural celebrations. From presenting sponsorships to smaller contributions, there are opportunities to fit every budget and marketing objective.

  • Facility Sponsorship: Showcase your support by sponsoring community facilities such as parks, recreation centers, sports fields, and cultural venues. Your sponsorship can help maintain these vital spaces and ensure they remain accessible to all.

Get Involved

Supporting local has never been easier. If you’re interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities with the town of Calmar, we would love to hear from you. Together, we can create meaningful partnerships that benefit both your business and our community.