In March of 2020, members of Council, along with senior Town staff, met to identify a strategic direction for our community and to set clear priorities for ourselves to achieve over the next four years. This high-level plan will guide Council and Administration’s activities and will provide a long-term vision for this Council, and
perhaps future Councils, and will ensure that Council and Administration are able to work together in a common direction.

This plan reflects Council’s vision for Calmar’s future, as well as the strategies we will take to ensure that our community is prepared for growth. A vision, mission, and set of values was developed, as well as a series of goals and strategies to help us attain our vision of success and help Council and Administration ensure a sustainable and successful future for Calmar.

Included in this document are the short and long-term goals that Council prioritized based on their importance and timeliness. Council identified a smaller set of high priority strategies that will guide Administration’s work throughout the next year. Key performance indicators have also been included to help Council and Administration track and measure our success at delivering our priorities.

This plan was created with the full knowledge that the economic and political environment is always changing, and with awareness of significant public health issues
at play, so the town of Calmar will need to be flexible and prepared for what lies ahead.

We believe this plan will help Calmar achieve our desired common future.

Mayor Wally Yachimetz on behalf of Town Council