From country-spun home-based business to bustling, eclectic main street shop or aspiring global enterprise, Calmar is the real deal.

Become part of a hard-working, creative community of innovative entrepreneurs and small business owners working even harder to not just get by, but get busy living, and help shape a thriving local scene of endless possibility.

View our list of building and land holdings for sale in the town of Calmar, and grow your interests in a better place of raw business opportunity and best-in-region living, land, and operating costs.

TypeLocationSizePriceAdditional Information
Highway Commercial Land26501-50 Avenue11.64 acres$1,480,000Don Robinson
Lizotte & Associates Realty
Commercial Street Front Space - Downtown4729-50 Avenue950 sq ftLease $1,500/month
Sale $350,000
Commercial Street Front Vacant Land - Downtown4725 - 50 Avenue60 sq ft or 0.15 acres$300,000Pamela
Commercial Street Front - Downtown4741-50 Avenue1,875 sq ft$20/sq ft + common costsDr. Walia
Commercial - Downtown4741-50 Avenue1,100 sq ft$20/sq ft + common costsDr. Walia
Highway Commercial50 Avenue and Westview Drive2.2 AcresTBDtown of Calmar
Commercial Building - Highway/downtown4620-50 Avenue2,408 sq ft$599,000Darcy Powlik
RE/MAX Real Estate
Industrial LandHi-Way 39 Industrial Park
43 Avenue & 52 Street
33 Acres$9,500,00 or lease options availableDarcy Powlik
RE/MAX Real Estate
Commercial Strip Mall5010 - 50 Avenue13200 sq ft2,000,000Mashal Vazir Muhammad
Commercial vacant land26501 - 50 Avenue11.64 Acres1,480,000Don Robinson, NAI Commercial587.635.2490