Alberta Municipal Affairs is committed to helping to ensure Albertans live in viable municipalities with well-managed, collaborative, accountable local governments. To achieve this, Municipal Affairs plays an important role in assisting and supporting municipalities in Alberta through various programs that aim to build capacity.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA), which provides the legislative framework for local government in Alberta, has numerous mandatory requirements that may at times seem overwhelming and difficult to manage for municipalities. Municipalities are also bound by other statutes and corresponding regulations that fall under the purview of Municipal Affairs. Compliance with these statues and regulations is essential to good governance, the successful operation of a municipality and viability, safety and well-being of a community. The Municipal Accountability Program is designed to help municipal officials successfully meet the challenges involved in responding to this wide range of legislative needs.

The results of the town of Calmar’s review, contained in this report, are offered to support the municipality’s efforts in achieving its goals for ongoing legislative compliance with the MGA and its associated regulations, as well as other legislation under the responsibility of Alberta Municipal Affairs.