In an ongoing organization improvement effort, the town of Calmar Council undertook an Organizational review in 2021. The review was referred to as an Organizational Audit following these guides for compilation:

  • Formally engage with Council and Town Administration.
  • Request and receive relevant documentation from the Town (and others if relevant).
  • Provide a brief orientation to good governance similar to what is done during an
    initial Council orientation (if desired), before any findings of the analysis are concluded.
  • Conduct interviews (typically up to a dozen) with relevant parties. Due to COVID-19, many of the ‘in-person’ aspects of the work will be conducted virtually or remotely, in accordance with Town or Provincial requirements.
  • Review the organizational structure and identify services and programs that are offered. Align those items to the desired outcomes in the strategic plan and any relevant management plans. This results in a gap analysis.
  • Tour Town facilities and meet with managers and some staff on site (COVID-19 permitting).
    Create a report for Council’s consideration in camera or publicly depending on the requirements of the Town’s bylaws.

The final document was presented and discussed at the regular meeting of Council on September 20, 2021, resulting in the following motion:

Moved by Councillor Faulkner that Council moves to accept the Organizational Audit Results for the town of Calmar as well as the tracking methods presented, and furthermore, that the Organizational Audit be released public.