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In Calmar, our business license system is more than just a formality – it’s a catalyst for growth, community development, and responsible entrepreneurship. Wondering how it works? Let us explain:

1. Accessibility and Streamlined Process: Obtaining a business license in Calmar is designed to be accessible and straightforward. We’ve streamlined the process to make it as hassle-free as possible, enabling you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

2. Supporting Local Growth: The fees associated with your business license play a pivotal role in fostering local growth. They contribute to the town’s revenue, which, in turn, funds essential services, infrastructure improvements, and community initiatives.

3. Encouraging Compliance: Calmar’s business license system encourages businesses to comply with local regulations and standards. This ensures a safe and thriving business environment for all, protecting both entrepreneurs and consumers.

4. Fairness and Equality: Our system promotes fairness by ensuring that all businesses, regardless of their size or industry, contribute their fair share. This equitable approach fosters a level playing field and stimulates healthy competition among local enterprises.

5. Promoting Accountability: A business license signifies accountability. It demonstrates your commitment to operating a legitimate, registered business, which builds trust with your customers and fellow business owners.

At its core, Calmar’s business license is a testament to our dedication to the well-being of our community and the success of our local businesses. It’s a partnership, a commitment to growth, and a symbol of your role in shaping the vibrant future of our town. Your business license isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s your ticket to becoming an essential part of Calmar’s thriving entrepreneurial landscape.

In Calmar, we believe in the power of local businesses to drive our community’s prosperity. That’s why we’ve designed a business license system that works for you. Here’s how it operates:

1. Application: Getting started is easy. Submit your business license application, and our dedicated team will guide you through the process. We’re here to help you get up and running smoothly.

2. Fees and Revenue: Your business license fees directly contribute to the growth of our town. These funds support essential services, infrastructure improvements, and community programs, all of which benefit both residents and businesses.

3. Compliance and Accountability: Calmar’s business license system ensures that businesses adhere to local regulations and standards. This commitment to compliance maintains a safe and fair environment for all, fostering trust and transparency within our community.

4. Equal Opportunity: We treat all businesses fairly. Our system ensures that every enterprise, regardless of size or industry, contributes equitably. This approach levels the playing field and promotes a thriving local business ecosystem.

5. Community Investment: Your business license is more than a legal requirement; it’s a symbol of your commitment to Calmar’s growth. By investing in a license, you’re investing in the future of our town, supporting local development, and driving economic progress.

Your business license in Calmar isn’t just paperwork; it’s a partnership. It’s your way of becoming an essential part of our vibrant business community, contributing to our shared success, and helping our town thrive. Together, we can unlock new opportunities and shape a brighter future for Calmar.

Resident Business License (excluding General Contractors): For Calmar residents who operate businesses other than General Contractors. This license is your gateway to local entrepreneurship, allowing you to set up shop within our community. Initial registration is $150.00, with a renewal fee of $100.00.

Non-Residential Business License (excluding General Contractors): Designed for non-residents operating businesses other than General Contractors within Calmar. Establish a presence in our town and contribute to its growth with an initial fee of $300.00.

Resident General Contractor Business License: Tailored for Calmar residents engaged in general contracting work. Whether you’re building homes or commercial structures, this license authorizes you to bring your skills to the forefront. The cost to start is $200.00.

Non-Resident General Contractors Business License: For non-resident General Contractors, including Sub-Trades like Electricians, Plumbing/Gas/Heating, and Concrete work. This license allows you to provide your services within Calmar. The initial fee is $400.00.

Home-Based Business Licenses (Minor and Major): Ideal for entrepreneurs operating businesses from the comfort of their homes. Minor home-based businesses are charged $100.00, while major home-based businesses, which might have a larger impact on the community, require a $150.00 license fee.

Development Permit Fee for New Businesses: For businesses planning to establish themselves within the town of Calmar, this permit fee is a one-time cost of $200.00 to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Hawkers & Peddlers Business License: For businesses that offer merchandise for sale either through house-to-house sales or on the streets, with the exception of those selling self-produced farm products or self-caught fish. The fee is $150.00.

Single Project Business License: Issued for specific dates and locations, this license is perfect for businesses with short-term or one-time projects. The cost is $100.00.

Regional Business License Fee: Designed for businesses that wish to operate across multiple regions, this license comes at an affordable fee of $50.00.

Transfer of Business License Fee: If you need to transfer your business license or change its name, the fee for this service is $100.00.

New Business License (Late Purchase): For businesses that purchase their licenses after August 31st in a license year, enjoy a reduced fee equal to half of the established rate.

Mobile Home Park License: For each developed stall occupied by a mobile home unit, the cost varies based on whether a Development Agreement is in place. Without an agreement, the fee is $60.00, while with an agreement, it’s reduced to $30.00 per occupied stall.

These business licenses in Calmar are your gateway to entrepreneurship, growth, and community engagement. Each type serves a unique purpose, catering to a diverse range of businesses and helping to build a stronger, more vibrant Calmar.

There are a few ways to apply for a Business License.

Download the Business License Application and email it to along with payment details.


More Information:

Home Based Business Checklist

Residential Dwelling Checklist


Please note that all businesses operating from a place of Residence in the town of Calmar require a completed Development Application prior to the application of the Business License. There is a one time $200.00 fee for the Development Application.

At the regular 39/20 Alliance meeting of November 25, 2015, a motion supporting the establishment of a “Regional Business License” for resident businesses, within the town of Calmar, the Village of Warburg, the Village of Breton and the Village of Thorsby, who wish to conduct business in any of the four member communities of the 39/20 Alliance was passed. The fee for the 39/20 Regional Business License has been set at $50.00 per year.



Business Fee Schedule

All fees are plus GST.

Resident Business License (excluding General Contractors)
(General Contractors include Sub-Trades: Electricians, Plumbing/Gas/Heating, Concrete, etc.)
Renewal Fee$100.00
Non-Residential Business License (excluding General Contractors)$300.00
Resident General Contractor Business license$200.00
Non-Resident General Contractors Business License
(Non-Resident General Contractors include Sub-Trades: Electricians, Plumbing/Gas/Heating, Concrete, etc.)
Home-Based Business Licenses$100.00
Micro-Business License$35.00
Youth Business License
(Youth must attend the Training Day)
Development Permit Fee for any new business proposed within the town of Calmar$200.00
Hawkers & Peddlers Business License
Not a corporate body - House to House sales - offers/ exposes for sale to any person by means of sample, patterns, cuts or blueprints - merchandise to be afterwards delivered in or shipped into town - sells merchandise on the streets or roads and not their permanent place of business. **DOES NOT include a person selling meat, fruit or other farm product that has been produced, raised or grown by themselves or fish of their own catching.
Single Project Business License
(Issued only for a specific date and location)
Regional Business License Fee$50.00
Transfer of Business License Fee (includes name change)$25.00
NEW Business License fees will be reduced to one half of the established fee when purchased after August 31st in a license year.
Special Event - Local - Business License $10.00 Administration Fee
Special Event - Non-Local - Business License $20.00 Administration Fee
Mobile Home Park Each developed stall occupied by a mobile home unit $60.00 (without Development Agreement) - $30.00 (with Development Agreement)