A small town with big dreams, Calmar simply knows its place in shaping the story of central Alberta:

Bold, brash and honest in its declaration of affordable living, working, and operating costs; and unrelenting and unapologetic in its boasting of unparalleled access to, and enjoyment of, deep lakes, deep sunsets, and even deeper connections to people, to land, and to diverse business, agricultural, industrial and recreational opportunities. It shoots from the hip and leaves its mark in the hearts and minds of tenacious, outspoken individuals bound together by the fact that although our viewpoints, goals, and outlooks on life may be varied, we are all tightly woven together in our desirability to call this extraordinary place home.

The story of Calmar is told in the individual stories of people choosing to get busy living, even as they choose to take it easy. It’s told in the firm grip, soft faces, and stoic stance of authentic salt-of-the-earth and nose-to-the-grindstone rural Alberta folks who still value the honourable word, the solid handshake, and the knowing smile of others when ordering something warm and homespun and made with care from the local bakery counter. It’s a story told by like-minded people who just ‘get’ one another. We’re here to work, to produce, and to invest in and feast from, the bounty of life on our own terms. We’re here to live life more humbly, peacefully and reasonably. But we’re also here to taste freedom and choice. To gain ground.

Whether subdued or vibrant, pastel or primary, you can afford to be you…comforted by the realization that the thread of your individuality only adds deeper, more interesting hues to the rich and colourful tapestry of the community. A place made stronger by the shared collection and connectedness of individual short stories of life to form a larger, more cohesive, and more beautiful body of work.

A place of simple pace and pleasures, the town of Calmar is sure to leave you speechless, then turn you into a storyteller motivated to do your part to help change the narrative and find purpose and direction in the role you were meant to play…Because connected works beautifully and harmoniously here. In the simplest of terms and the most meaningful and rewarding of ways, Calmar is the collected works of a hard-working, creative community working even harder to help move the plot forward and build a future while drawing strength from its more humble roots.

It’s easy to be moved here, but that should come as no surprise… Because in Calmar, Easy Does It.